之前曾用5.6.4 取代中文字串,結果把整篇文章毀了,一個下午都是白工...

2010-01-26 更新的 notepad++ 5.6.6,終於修正中文語系的問題了~

change log

Notepad++ v5.6.6 new features and fixed bugs (from v5.6.5) :

1. Fixed Search bug with Chinese/Japanese/Korean characters.

Notepad++ v5.6.5 new features and fixed bugs (from v5.6.4) :

1. Fix loading encoding file making file corrupted (after saving).
2. Fix xml/html encoding overrides BOM if present.
3. Fixed Chinese/Japanese/Korean characters display problem after
"find in the current document".
4. Add "set find text and find next" feature.
5. Add JSP.
6. Recover langs.xml while its length is zero.
7. Fix "Close Window(s)" in Window dialog bug (if file is dirty and
cancel to close).
8. Fix finding "\0" or "\x00" issue in find extened mode.
9. Add "\u" in find extened mode to find Unicode encoding
character(ex. "\u00e9" find '?).

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